Overview & Value Proposition

Software development experience. Management experience. Product development experience. Passionate about front-end development.

Extremely capable of learning and adapting to new environments and business opportunities, while mentoring colleagues and improving development workflow.

Strong communicator with the ability to get to the heart of the conversation while including all parties involved.

Creator and contributor to multiple open source projects and actively involved in W3C groups focused on extending the web.

Skills & Technologies

JavaScript Java Ruby C#
.NET Spring Ruby on Rails Subversion


  • Co-founder of a W3C Community group (
  • Original signer of Extensible Web Manifesto (
  • Designed and developed multiple JavaScript libraries used by multiple teams
  • Designed and developed multiple CSS frameworks used by multiple teams
  • Co-author of a CSS extension framework (
  • Co-author of a UX Behavior language based on CSS (
  • Successfully deployed a JCR based CMS system to over 600,000 users
  • Successfully coordinated a large UI development process for multiple teams
  • Designed and developed component development workflow for a public CMS
  • Designed and developed a public web application that scales to millions of users
  • Designed and developed a complete laboratory information management system
  • Designed and developed a unique culinary system that supported behavioral health facility patients and staff
  • Developed a prototype electronic medical record system for behavioral health facility
  • Managed a contract software development staff of 5 for the development of an EMR

What Others Say

Clint is a extremely gifted technologist with the ability to address problems with solutions that allowed our company to improve our processes and reduce costs. His proficiency with .Net and Ruby on Rails allowed him to mentor junior developers and design a framework for the development of a state of the art electronic health record system for behavioral health.

Clif Dawes, Corporate Information Technology Director Remuda Ranch

Clint is an excellent software engineer. He has a through understanding of Ruby On Rails and demonstrated ability to learn new skills quickly. His knowledge and expertize added to our team’s ability to deliver a complex application. Although Clint was a contract employee he was eventually made the sole developer on the project after other developers were pulled to work on another project. Clint was able to complete the original project on his own with minimal supervision. In addition he was able to consult on technical issues we had on other projects. Clint has an easy going personality and he fit well with our team. I and other developers recommended Clint for a permanent position. Unfortunately there was a hiring freeze so the company was not able to hire him.

Mark Peterson Lead: IT App Development, Scottsdale Insurance Company

Clint Hill is an extraordinary software architect. He brought great skill and an adept software development knowledge to the EHR project at Remuda Ranch. Clint is a great listener and always willing to look at news ways of solving old problems to help make the most informed decisions. Any company fortunate to have Clint on board can expect quality deliverables and a high caliber employee.

Josh Huckabee, Software Developer Remuda Ranch

Clint is a fantastic developer, always working to make his code the best that it can be. His ability to optimize helps tremendously for improving performance. His troubleshooting skills are unparallelled, as is his dedication for writing clean, efficient code. He is great to work with, having a positive, can-do attitude. Clint is great at getting along on a team also.

Rebecca Wilson WebSphere Portal Engineer, Scottsdale Insurance Company

Clint is the most knowledgeable and innovative information technology professional I have every met. His leadership and mentoring have proved invaluable to me. I would recommend Clint to anyone seeking a proven IT solution.

Steven Smith, Software Developer Remuda Ranch Inc

Recent History

Digital Services Engineer, CSAA Insurance Exchange: 2012

A member of the team responsible for revolutionizing software product development for CSAA IE. Involved in Web and Mobile development from product design phase to production deployment. Created JavaScript and CSS frameworks for use by multiple application stacks. Created and facilitate development standards and on-going engineering process improvements. Initiated weekly engineering brown bag sessions that have improved communication and education across multiple development teams. Participate in architecture processes and provide engineering guidance. Responsible for and trusted with all technical decisions in engineering processes.

A member of the team building a new digital payment system for use across multiple organizations and AAA clubs. Designed static asset server architecture and processes for re-usable UI components across multiple application stacks. Contributor to the Digital Center of Excellence and multiple proof-of-concept mobile applications.

Front-end Platform Engineer (Frameworks team), Apollo Group Inc.: 2009 – 2012

A member of the team responsible for developing libraries and tools for front-end engineering throughout the organization. Leading the development of JavaScript libraries that provide horizontal services including Behavior, Page Bus, Data Connectors and Templating. Responsible for the design of the module system used by all JavaScript applications, based on CommonJS & AMD specifications. Developing a JVM hosted JavaScript templating engine. Leading the organization to an open source development model for front-end libraries. Designing and developing a JavaScript CI system based on Node.js.

Was a member of the team responsible for transitioning the entire eCampus portal from a .NET/Java mixed platform to a CMS based UI delivery system. Successfully deployed to a user-base of over 600,000 and survived each scale increase with a reduced front-end service layer. Lead the design and implementation of the UI development lifecycle transition from .NET/Java frameworks to CMS Component based architecture.

Contractor, Software Developer, Scottsdale Insurance: 2008 – 2009

A developer on the Brokerage Transformation Team focusing on Ruby on Rails web applications. Responsibilities included the design and development of application as well as the deployment. Work also involved creating the first implementation of a Ruby on Rails application into the company infrastructure. The first phase of the project completed with perfect deployment, successful security assessments and passing performance tests.

Contractor, Security Developer, Department of Education: 2008

Responsible for the security of the data warehouse user interface and data. Facilitated the design and development of the security measures to protect data while allowing for the most effective access for reporting. Analyzed the architecture to assure safe movement of data during the ETL process as well as during the end-user registration and usage. Worked within a large team of multiple disciplines and coordinating the security development effort with the user interface developers and database developers. Researched a new authentication system for all of ADE resources that included use of open source Java libraries such as CAS (a JA-SIG project).

UI Development Manager, Food Services of America: 2007 – 2008

Managed a staff of 5 .NET developers on multiple browser based applications and WinForm applications. Developed and maintained standards for the development of the user interface. Responsible for development task assignments and time management of the developers.  Lead the design of applications and assisted with the requirements document development. Coordinated discussions on design decisions regarding 3rd party controls or in-house development of reusable components.

Database Administrator, Arizona Medical Clinic: 2006 – 2007

Responsible for the maintenance of the companies database systems. Database systems comprise of 12 SQL Server and 1 Oracle distributed over 5 servers. Projects include design and development of public website using ASP.NET 2.0 and SQL Server 2005 as well as design and implementation of disaster recovery system for EMR applications. My work also included the analysis of integrating a PACS system into the current EMR systems. All systems were mission critical and required 99.9% uptime.

Software Architect, Remuda Ranch: 2004 – 2006

Lead development on all major projects for internal operations. In charge of design, development, implementation of applications as well as user training. Most projects were implemented under the .NET architecture (ASP.NET) using C# and SQL Server 2000 databases. The EHR project spanned all departments and included re-engineering manual processes to automated solutions. Much of this work was creating new and unique UI such as touch screen displays. Lead the switch from .NET architecture to open source specifically Ruby on Rails and MySQL. Facilitated transitioning the team from Windows based development to Linux using Ubuntu that produced a savings of over $10,000 per developer. Lead a group of 5 developers including QA staff.  Created and implemented all software development life-cycle standards for the company.

Software Engineer, Apollo Group Inc.: 2003 – 2004

Designed and developed systems to enhance student and faculty experiences with University of Phoenix. Developed a web service that married the student portal to a third party tool designed to help students check for plagiarism in their papers. Work duties included design documents, systems analysis, technology implementation and coding solutions. Performed unit testing and prepared deployment documents. Heavily involved in architecture discussions and providing feedback on implementations.

Senior Software Developer, Aerotech Laboratories, Inc.: 2000 – 2003

Lead technology driver for entire company. Designed the architecture for all applications built in house and provided leadership for development team. Created intranet systems for all of companies operations. Managed all projects from design phase to implementation. Created and implemented all software development life-cycle standards for the company. Lead a group of 12 developers and 6 Help Desk and Telecommunications employees. Responsible for all aspects of supervision including performance reviews and salary adjustments. Conceived and delivered a shrink-wrapped Windows based application for clients to connect to internal systems through web-services for downloading analysis.

Senior Interactive Developer, CentralGraphics Lab: 1998 – 2000

Responsible for development of major websites for leading clients. Utilized many technologies including ASP, ColdFusion and SQL Server 7.0. Most work involved use of advanced technologies of the time such as Flash and Director to provide creative media components and where viable JavaScript was used to attain similar features. Clients consisted of larger corporations looking for functional and entertaining websites or CD-ROM content. Constant involvement in design work and assisted with color department tasks.

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