Ember Parse Data Adapter

“You got your Parse in my Ember … You got your Ember in my Parse … The two great tastes that taste great together”

I have a personal project I’m working on that I’ve been using Parse for the data store. I love Parse. Recently I transitioned the front-end code to Ember. I love Ember. For a short minute I thought “damn – I won’t be able to use Parse anymore” because everything mentioned or documented with Ember seemed to use custom HTTP API based on the Rails framework. On top of that Parse is based on Backbone.js and the two frameworks don’t exactly share the same model implementation. But then I looked deeper at Ember Data and discovered the Adapter that allows you to customize the way in which models get populated by an HTTP API.

A-ha. I can have both.

And now I do: https://github.com/clintjhill/ember-parse-adapter


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