Not all WebKits are alike

Recently I’ve split my browser usage into 2 categories: Reading & Development. I’ve made this split because of the differences I perceive between the browsers.

Reading is done in Safari. I like the way Safari behaves as an internet consumer and it’s features that are built in to the OS really seamless. When I’m on the interwebs it’s much easier and more fun in Safari.

Development is done in Chrome. The tools for web development are available in Safari too … but Chrome just feels more “stable”. It’s hard to explain because I have no proof of this, but it’s certainly how I feel. I am more productive in Chrome when I’m doing development work.

The interesting part is that both are WebKit. Which I guess is evidence to how good the layout engine is. At their core they are identical (sorta). But the vendors have done what is seemingly different things with them from a user experience perspective. They aren’t the same at all to me.

Browser wars.


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