Vacation over

It’s the Sunday before work. And I’ll be honest I’m not entirely ready to go back. You never really know how bad you needed a break until the last day of the break. It was a great time in Missouri, and I did a little bit of personal hacking. Nothing to show for it, which is great. I read more on iOS development. Found better ways to organize an ExpressJS web application. Found a really interesting paper on Programming language adoption. But mostly I did a bunch of thinking.

Most of that thinking led me to wondering what I might be when I grow up. Will I still be writing software? Will I ever have my own successful software product? Could I ever get back into teaching (web software engineering)? Maybe I’ll leave software all together. I wonder if I could make it as an author? It would be great to write for a living.

And inevitably after those thoughts bounce around my empty brain I realize – I just need to wake up tomorrow.

That’s all.

Just wake up.

I’ll figure out the rest after that.


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