Created an OpenShift account tonight. The application creation is pretty simple, but the cartridges that are available are pretty limited. And the Ruby apps seem wanting at only version 1.8.7. Don’t understand why that’s the case and why not 1.9.2? It seems to me that with RVM the version should be a choice. But who knows, there is likely an architectural nuance that forces their hand to limit it to 1.8.7.

Regardless it’s a rather clean and simple setup. The rhc client is nice and it’s extremely cool that the project starts with a template (at least the Node.js application I created did). The project template has README files documenting available cartridges and hooks for build/deployment cycles (nice touch).

I’m a big fan of Heroku. I have an account there too. Now if I’d only build applications to host on each of them 🙂


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  1. Hey Clint:
    Thanks for giving OpenShift a try. There is a new Ruby coming in a couple of weeks. We started with the versions that come with RHEL 6.2 and now we are bringing in newer versions of all our packages. Keep the feedback coming!

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