Things I’m working on

I’m listing out a few things that I’m going to spend more effort working on in my free time. Some of this I’ve already started. Most of this is entirely new to me and I’m treating as education.


There are tons of parsers out there. And frankly the field is quite big. But honestly I’m pretty humble about my expectations. I created a project called Peggy.js and I hope to get some activity in that library. I’d like to be involved in the many web projects out there that require their own grammar/parser. What I’m learning so far is that nearly everything in software development is some form of parsing (more than one might imagine). And it can be very difficult.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis is another field that is rather big and actually becoming quite popular (or trendy I suppose). To be honest, I’m not even sure that the field has a name like that. It’s basically the study of emotion/attitude/opinion in content users submit to web applications. At least that’s my definition. Essentially I’m interested in the Front-End perspective. How do web/mobile applications handle sentiment analysis? Is there a way to do so on the Front-End that will add better user experience? Or is it really only suited in the post-content-submission perspective. I’ve started (I use that term very loosely) 2 projects for this. One in Ruby and one in JavaScript: Sentiment.js and Altimeter. I’m really hoping to capitalize these projects as not only learning experiences, but potentially career altering opportunities.

I have a ton to learn. I’m very interested in these things. Hopefully something will come of it.


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