Nothing goes as planned

This last week has been great and exhausting. It has reminded me that nothing goes as planned.

When you’re a kid you plan on big things. You believe in big ideas. Some time later you give up on a few of those. Then as age creeps up on you, it starts to remove the gloss on those shiny plans you had.

It’s so obvious, and yet very hard to really accept. Plans are meant to be broken. You just can’t control life. Fate or higher power, call it whatever you want, just understand it’s not you.

Willie wrote once: “We are not in control. And that’s Ok.”

If you let plans slip, and allow it to be Ok, life is much easier to understand. Otherwise you can waste a lot of time being frustrated and confused.

This week a one or two things didn’t go as planned and it caused me a lot of stress and frustration. My patience got really thin a few times. But I can look back to this week and be happy, because while my plans changed my life didn’t.

And that’s Ok.


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